Back in 2007 a little movie came out called "Transformers" which would change our blogging careers forever. In front of that movie was a trailer that looked like nothing we've ever seen before. It showed us just enough to captivate the entire internet and turn "Cloverfield" into a world-wide sensation. And in turn, we became one of the premier sites for Cloverfield related news and rumors ( And of course with rumblings of a possible sequel, we knew we had to continue delivering the news.

So things have started rumbling and the rumor is that a new trailer is to appear before Iron Man 2 for a secret J.J. Abrams project called "Super 8" and that's how this site was born. We will keep you updated with all the information regarding this project and hopefully it doesn't turn out to be something stupid.

Keep checking back for more updates and if you need to get a hold of us you can reach us at

email: admin [at]

call/text: (224) 338-9334

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