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  1. 26062 says:

    the “Anns Glenmoor Superette” sign doesn’t make sense the town is called Lillian why would they put up a sign that says Glenmoor on it :-S

  2. rustyZigzag says:

    Nice Spielberg nod in 89/98. Look for that in the iMdB Trivia section at movie’s release. Good stuff!

  3. Me says:

    Picture 64 and 65 are definitely of the wrong house! lol

  4. Dave Horvat says:

    I am originally from Weirton. I was here the last few weeks taking care of things at my parents home, which is right where the filming is going on. What the film crews did there is nothing short of AMAZING. The city has NEVER looked that good. When it was new it would of been filthy dirty before the paint dried from the Steel Mill. All the people associated with the film are very friendly and nice. I do hope they enjoy their stay. The only downside to this is that in a few weeks Weirton will go back to being itself….I hope Paramount decides to leave it as Lillian Ohio…Sure people can pick out flaws but I am guessing that when the film come out most of the world won’t now will they care. I hope they can do a few more films in the future. A HUGE thank-you to all involved!

  5. amber says:

    I saw some ppl up here in east liverpool taking the james locke and the dan’s and glenmoor signs but wanst sure why now i know lol….

  6. Dolphin says:

    Thank you for posting these!!!

  7. Janesmith says:

    I was wondering if the locals could get us some more inside store shots .. hunt for easter eggs if you will… posters, rockett pop shots etc…anything you think might be of interests to the game..

    Thanks for all your hard work

  8. jessenyhc says:


  9. Dee says:

    My daughter is a PA on the Movie. I can’t wait to see it!!!

    • Crickside says:

      Hi Dee,
      I have a question. Can you email me? crickside@verizon.net Thanks!

      • RACKTIM says:

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    • Chris B says:

      srsly…. thats fricken awesome! wow… hmm how do you even become a PA? lol just wondering because I might want to be one someday 😀

      btw thanks for the pics like so much!

  10. deemie says:

    jesse, glad you liked my car!! thanks!!

    • jessenyhc says:

      really, thats yours? is it in the movie?

      • deemie says:

        Yes Jesse….It’s been mine since I bought it new in 1973. The movie studio has used it in some of the scenes.

        • jessenyhc says:

          thats so freakin cool. i love those cars. and my hat is off to you cuz you bought that new, and the condition of it looks great! i hope to see it in the movie!

          • Puaweixuan says:

            I co-moderate a Kyle Chandler fan site for fans who are still reeling over the news that he’s been cast in this film for fans who are dying for new info, pics, etc. He is such a pneonmehal actor and has been an under appreciated talent until Friday Night Lights where he’s finally getting the industry recognition and the opportunities he’s earned and deserves.I’ll come here to check for news as we have those on our site who wish to remain spoiler free. But so happy to have found this site! Thank you!!! We are excited about this project!!!

  11. Cromwell says:

    Guess they finally got back to you “Deemie”. Funny to see you here.

  12. deemie says:

    funny to be seen anywhere!!!

  13. extrawife says:

    There is a Rocket Poppeteer cutout in one of the windows downtown now.

  14. Nat says:

    Superette? Super-8?

  15. Nat says:

    Superette? Super-8? What’s the connection.

  16. photo 69: has anyone tried CALLING THAT NUMBER?

  17. Jim says:

    That’s me and my yellow Dodge truck in photo 147. Sorry but it’s not the same truck that caused the wreck.

  18. jessenyhc says:


    is that some kind of light rack? maybe its purpose is to show some kind of light coming from the sky? idk, just some thoughts…

  19. jessenyhc says:

    also, Mach 1 again in 146! 🙂

  20. Xposure86 says:

    Oh man i love the mach 1,
    and now i know i can drool about it in the theatre 😀

  21. John Pittenger says:

    Those tanks appear to be M60A1 that the Ohio National Guard used during the 1970s. Are they?

  22. John Pittenger says:

    My wife is from Weirton and I come from Toronto just across the river!Can’t wait to see the movie!

  23. Nitrox says:

    Hey, my little brother was watching some movie called “Aliens in the Attic”, and this one guy was wearing a grey shirt with three dots in the same way of the truck. I found it funny since the movie was about aliens. Wonder if there’s any connection?

  24. krue johnson says:

    my best friend jade and riley are in this movie. Cant wait for it to come out

  25. Andy says:

    O_O must go see this summer I MUST!!!

  26. Rish Dawg says:

    I feel like playin with my frizzbee again..weird….i think this movies gona give avatar a run for its money lol.

  27. Greyson says:

    so this is the behind the scenes pics of super 8?

  28. ummyeah says:

    I smell bullshit on anyone who said that they’re in this movie, know anyone in this movie or have a freaking car in this movie. If this movie is so secret and jj and mr spielberg are behind it I highly doubt that you would be able to speak about it so bluntly. So please stop trying to be cool over a blog its actually pretty sad…..

    • 26062 says:

      LOL……. i know around 50 to 60 people that are in this movie…. don’t be jealous

    • admin says:

      There were plenty of extras from around the town of Weirton so I’m not doubting that people know people that are in the movie. And based on the set pictures/videos that you can find in the gallery here, the major plot details were never divulged during the filming.

      • Jim says:

        We did sign papers saying we wouldn’t talk or blog about what we saw but we are permitted to tell people we are in the movie. I think it’s pretty sad you’re so concerned about it.

  29. Awesome. I Can Not Wait For This Movie!

  30. spooky says:

    WTH is up with that photo of all those items stuck in the chain link fence?? Magnetism?

  31. spooky says:

    the red truck with the three dots makes me think of Domino’s Pizza everytime I see it!

  32. SYSTEMLOCK says:

    WOW! They turned the town into a 70s fan paradise! You should post some before/after pictures.

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