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Looks like the veil of secrecy is starting to lift surrounding Super 8 and the first things to be revealed are the cast. Yesterday I posted an article about Elle Fanning and Kyle Chandler joining the cast of Super 8 and now it looks like we have a few more cast members.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Ron Eldard, Noah Emmerich, Gabriel Basso, Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee and Zach Mills have all joined the cast of Super 8.

And on a side note, take this as you will, I have had multiple people email me from Weirton saying that Brad Pitt has been spotted in town. I'm a little skeptical about this, but you never know, stranger things have happened. Thanks to all those that sent in this tip and keep the pictures coming!

source: Hollywood Reporter

super 8 casting kyle chandler elle fanning

It appears that we have our first two official cast members, if these other sites are to be believed. Elle Fanning and Kyle Chandler have supposedly been cast in Super 8, but there isn't really anything 100% official yet. Vulture reported this the other day and I wanted to wait a few days to see if something more official was released regarding this, but since nothing has come out either way I figured it was worthy of a post.

Elle Fanning is, of course, Dakota Fanning's sister and has been in such movies as Deja Vu with Denzel Washington and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. If she's as talented as her sister, I think this is a pretty good casting choice and I think she'll work well.

Kyle Chandler is probably best known for his role on the TV show Friday Night Lights, but he's also been in movies like King Kong, The Kingdom and The Day the Earth Stood Still. I actually don't recall him from the movies and I don't watch Friday Night Lights, but from what you guys have said in the comments and from what I've read elsewhere, this is also another good casting choice.

So there you have it, the first casting rumors surrounding Super 8, and they appear to be pretty solid. Hopefully this is legit and official, but who knows. I would still take it all with a grain of salt until there has been an official announcement, but from my experience, Vulture is pretty good with their sources.

source: Vulture

UPDATE: Word on the street (thanks to Singularity7) is that Kyle Chandler was seen shadowing the chief of police in Weirton this week learning the ins and outs of a day in the life of a small town cop. So if the rumors are true chances are pretty good that he's going to be playing a police officer/chief in Super 8.

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A Little Town Called Weirton

weirton, w va

Most of you know already that Super 8 has began casting calls and location scouting in Weirton, W. VA so I thought this article would be of some interest. Thanks to John31 for posting it in the comments (and I'm assuming you're the same person that emailed it to me). There's not a whole lot of new information in the article, but since there hasn't been anything new at all in a while I figured it was worthy enough to post.

The article basically talks about how the crews have come to the town to redecorate some of the buildings and obtain blueprints for some of the homes there so they can recreate them back in Hollywood to finish shooting... probably interior shots if I had to guess. Other than that there's not a whole lot of information, but at least it's something for you to read if you're interested. Hopefully now that the ball is starting to roll on the film we'll get some more clues via the viral marketing.

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Super 8 Filming Information

It looks like Abrams and company are taking the same route that they did with Cloverfield and filming under different names to throw people off, but of course that isn't going to stop us from figuring it out. It appears as though filming will start in September in Weirton, West Virginia. It also appears that the casting call that was sent out before that was thought to be Super 8, in fact is. Some of the people that live in Weirton have received letters from the production company stating that a movie called "Darlings" will begin filming on the main street of the town and last 2 to 3 months and the plot revolves around a 14 year old boy and is set in a steel town in 1979.

But that's not all, according to WOWK there is another Paramount production shooting under the title "Wickham" about a group of teenagers who spend a summer together and their struggles with growing older. The press release indicates that the movie is PG-13 and will be filming in Weirton, West Virginia in September, which obviously leads to speculation about this also being another fake title for the Super 8 filming. And according to, Athena Wickman is the name of a long standing creative executive over at Bad Robot, JJ Abrams production company.

And lastly there appears to have been an extras casting call placed in the local Weirton news paper looking for middle/high school kids, police, soldier, EMT and townspeople. This casting call, which was placed under the name Wickham, notes that the movie revolves around a train crash that brings a town together. So with all this information that has been gathered it would be a pretty good assumption that Super 8 will be filming in Weirton, West Virginia next month. So if you live in that area and can get a few spy pics, send em over.

Thanks to Stacey and Robert for tipping me off to this info.

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The guys over at Cinematical seem to think so. They received a casting notice from Paramount yesterday that did not have a title attached to it, and while that in itself isn't terribly interesting, the fact that they had also just sent a casting notice for 'Footloose' with a title attached to it, made them a little suspicious. After looking through the roster of upcoming movies from Paramount that could possibly use 13-14 year old kids who don't have any previous acting experince, they determined that there's a good chance this could be for Super 8 (although it's still not 100% confirmed).

You'll find the casting list below for 3 13-14 year old kids which I can only assume are the kids that are shooting a super 8 movie and while going through their footage they see a creature, possibly the scariest thing they've ever seen... That is, if the original "leaked" plot synopsis is correct. So check out the cast list below and maybe you fit the bill or know someone that does...

Seeking 13-14 year old Boys & Girls for the lead roles in a new Paramount feature film. No previous acting experience is necessary, but must have great energy and a wonderful sense of humor and thoughtfulness.

JOSH: Male 13-14. Josh is cute, but could be on the scrawny side – definitely not the school jock. Loveable, empathetic, smart and interesting. Must have a great sense of humor. Should have a Midwestern feel.

COLLIN: Male 13-14. Slightly, or more than slightly, overweight. Collin is confident, driven, optimistic and a natural leader. Must have a great sense of humor. Should have a Midwestern feel.

NATALIE: Female 13-14. A natural beauty – she is stunning, but not the "cheerleader" type. Strong and confident, but has an underlying sadness. Should have a Midwestern feel.

source: Cinematical

I found some more info after the jump

Update: It seems as though this isn't a casting call for "Super 8", but rather for Bad Robot's remake of the movie "Little Darlings". Sorry to disappoint, and hopefully none of you sent in audition tapes thinking it was for "Super 8"


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