New Chat Rendezvous For March 24th

It appears that a new message has been added to the print out on the STIES site. In order to access this printout, move the termina window out of the way and press 'OK' on the Print window. You can either physically print the document or save it as a PDF and view it on your monitor. It looks as though we may have a new meeting in the chat room tomorrow based on the "4D & 5O's last leg" message.

For those of you that are still confused as to how we can determine when the chat will appear or what this code means, let me take a second to explain. "4D & 5O" stands for "4 Down and 5 Over" this message corresponds to the calendar found on Josh Minker's Blog. If you start at the upper left and go down 4 spaces and then over 5 you will land on a date, this date is when the next chat will appear. This is how it's worked in the past so there's no reason to think it will ever change. I've included a screenshot of the calendar below to give you an idea of how it looks.

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Josh’s House Was Broken Into!

josh's house was broken into

Since we found out Josh was alive this morning based on an updated blog post we were anxiously awaiting the chat that was hinted at... well it's here. It seems as though Josh's house was broken into and someone was looking for some information. They found his father's canister, but it didn't seem like they were able to access the files on the computer. The mysterious chat master has advised against calling the police because it would only make things work, but it seems like he's getting nervous. He also gives us confirmation to the fact that Josh's dad was working on some sort of top secret energy source project for the government and that's apparently what was in the canister.  Along with that, it seems that the Moby Dick book is important in deciphering some code so he needs Josh to upload the rest of the book... \

So what else is interesting about the chat log?

Did Something Happen To Josh??

did something happen to josh

It seems as thought the mysterious man in the chat room/print outs has lost contact with Josh. There has been no response to any of his communication over the past week and he's starting to worry. There is a new post in the print out as well as the chat room from the man which leads him to believe that something may have happened...

did something happen to josh

josh minker's father photo

It appears that the mysterious man in the chat room has made good on his promise to upload a picture of Josh Minker's father to the STIES site. A folder has appeared on the desktop behind the terminal window and the print window. If you open the folder called 'Photos' you will find an image named 'ScanAM13'. The file name seems to indicate that his name is A. Minker(?) Using the same password that we used to gain access to the chat 'toadfish112' you will find a picture of an African American man who we're assuming is Josh Minker's Father. If you cross reference the photo with the ID badges that were found a few weeks ago, you will notice that there is only 1 African American person featured on those badges. He is a technician with the following information.


Authorization: "3 Dots"
Identification: 58-ORPH-42
Duty Assignment: Technician
Grade: (--)
Expiration: RW-536-RD

Image: Male ~6'2", African American?, "TROGL"
Image ID: 07-CES-8RB

mr minker id badge

Here is the picture that you will find within the photos folder. You can clearly see the orientation of the 3 dots on the ID badge he is wearing coincide with the 3 dots in the ID badge above...

mr minker

It's no coincidence that his ID badge is the one that had the letters 'TROGL' written on it, I'm fairly confident that Josh Minker is African American (or at least 1/2 since we're not sure if his mom is or not). TROGL is obviously going to have some importance in things to come so keep an eye out for those letter anywhere you can.

There are more screenshots of the STIES site after the jump. And thanks to all that left comments about the update.


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new chat log

The scariest thing (STIES) site has been updated with a new chat log. It appears that Josh missed the memo and was not in the chat room at the correct time, but the mysterious person on the other end was and he really needs that book. He also promises to upload a picture of Josh's dad as a showing of good faith, but at this time I can't seem to find a new printout or picture on the STIES site. So while this is an update, it doesn't really offer us too much in the way of clues. Obviously that book is important to something and I'm going to guess that the blacked out and circled words that we can see on the page are important. Maybe there are other clues hidden throughout the book...

I guess the 3D 5O (3 down, 5 over) in regards to a new chat appearing based on the calendar on hook, line and minker needs to be read a little differently. When those instructions were first posted a couple days ago I had determined that the 26th would be when we'd see a new chat, but since this new one appeared yesterday, the 16th, I realized that I've been reading the code wrong. 3D starts in the upper left of the calendar, whether there is a day there or not and moves down to the third row (week of Dec 12th) then the 5O is 5 over including Dec 12th, which lands us exactly on December 16th, which is when the chat was recorded. Hopefully from here on out if there are any more codes I'll be able to correctly pinpoint when the chat logs are going to come through.

Transcript thanks to gramma on unfiction:

***chat session '2010-12-16' initiated***
***Host has joined***

[Host]: I need that book. I hope you haven't changed your mind.

[Host]: I can still help you find your father.

[Host]: I can't stay. In the good faith, I'll upload a picture. You told me you wanted to see him.

[Host]: We were co-workers. A long time ago.

[Host]: he trusted me.

[Host]: when others didn't

[Host]: he knew I understood what he went through

[Host]: i'll be here next week. same protocol.

***Host has left***

***chat session '2010-12-16' terminated***

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