A Note Appears on STIES


A new image has appeared in the Photos folder on the desktop of the STIES site. In order to access the image, move the terminal window out of the way and then move the "Print" window and you'll see 3 folders, open the Photos folder and double click on the FFSHcom image the password is toadfish112, once the image is open you can double click on it again to access a higher res version, user name and password are both toadfish112.

From what I can tell, this is what it says:

Hopefully this has fallen into the right
hands. If you two are reading this, it
means you've found each other.
Wherever I am, I'm grateful to you both
for your willingness to help and trust me.

I wish I could be there to explain
in person. Perhaps someday.

It's been five days since we left the
hospital. I'll try to leave as many
breadcrumbs as I can. TROGL and the
rest. Use them. As of now, the
vitas relic is safe. Safer in some places
than others but i'll have to rely
on luck to keep it secure until
absolutely necessary.

There also appears to be some sort of drawing or floorplan map that has been severely damaged and smeared due to what looks like water damage.

The only other thing I noticed about the image was that there are words on the spine of the book in the upper right. All I can make out is "By Dr. Leyda Cupe". This lead to find this site http://revalistic.com/ which mentions Leyda Cupe and area 51 and other stuff that seems related to all of this.

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