Could be real, could be part of the viral, I'm not really sure, but Josh Minker's Blog, Hook, Line and Minker, has a new post indicating that the site was hacked. A lot of people are paying attention to the Super 8 viral these days so it's hard to tell if it was actually hacked or if this is part of the game. I'm going to say that unless we hear otherwise, I would assume this is part of the game. So with that being said, what could "BXTSLWK729" be? I already tried plugging it in as the Device on the STIES site with no luck...

Sorry to hack this but you weren’t paying attention. Check email for credentials. BXTSLWK729. I know you just found where to use this (/explanation).

Update: Turns out it was all part of the game. Thanks Sinamatik (and 'Rocket Mountaineer' at unfiction). It looks as though the person behind (Sarah) is behind the hacking of Josh's site. The "BXTSLWK729" password works on . Good find, I didn't even think that the "(/explaination)" was the end of a URL, let alone the revalistic site. So you can head on over to the site above and put in the password for yourself to read the explaination, or you can just click through the jump where I've copied and pasted it.


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