Leave it Abrams to start thinking about another project before he's finished this one, but it looks like there may be another super-secret movie in the works.... and guess what, I'm already on top of it. Head on over to www.zanbatonews.com to catch up on the very little, very new, news regarding "Zanbato" an Abrams project revolving around "swashbuckling robots with swords"... or so the rumors say.

There's not much information at this point and don't expect another viral to pop up anytime soon, but I'll keep my eye out for any information and post it there so you don't have to scour around for it. And of course that site is brand new so things will change over there once I have some time and once the Super 8 stuff has calmed down since this has all my attention for the moment.

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How cool is this! A special interactive trailer for "Super 8" can be found in the Portal 2 game that was just released. It basically puts you into the train that crashes in the trailer, allowing you to walk around and look at things. You can't interact with anything, but it's still pretty freakin cool!

I don't have the Portal 2 game so I can't run around and take screenshots, but lucky for me xi_wolf at unfiction did just that. Check them out here.

source: kotaku.com

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Full Images Updated on Trailer

super 8 trailer images

It looks like the latest update to the trailer images has given us the full images of what we were piecing together from the previous post. For those that missed the puzzle pieces as they came out, here are the final completed images which were apparently added to the trailer on Sunday February 20th. Thanks to multipsychoapopheniosis on unfiction for posting the composite image.

The only difference in these images is that there is one image that has the numbers "3-11-11" on it which almost leads me to believe that we'll get something new on 3-11-11... possibly before Battle: Los Angeles. I'm not sure if it'll be another trailer or what, but that' my best guess.

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