Super 8 Package Arrives In The Mail!

That's right folks! Just like all those other big movie sites out there, we have been included in the physical viral marketing of this movie. I received a package today that contained exactly what you've seen on the other sites already: A roll of Super 8 film which contains a clip of our favorite scientist, along with a USB stick containing a video file of said clip, and of course the little card that shows me how to unlock this clip for all to see on

So instead of just posting up pictures of the box and film canister I decided I wanted to include all of you guys in the process of actually opening it and discovering what's inside (even though we already know). This site would be nothing without you guys so I figured this was a good way to try and include those of you that will not receive one of these :(.

The clip appears to be #79 indicated by the file name "EX_1A_079". And should be unlocked on shortly.

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It appears as though the folks behind the "Super 8" viral have decided that a good way to drop more clues is to mail out mysterious packages containing film reels as well as flash drives with video clips! What a cool idea, maybe there will be one waiting in my mailbox when I get home ;). No worries though, the guys over at Slashfilm have received their package and have taken the time to post what they know. There is a short video clip as well as some pictures of the film strip and old super 8 film box over on their site, go check it out now!

source: Slashfilm

Update: The video clip that Slashfilm was sent is now available on the site. It seems to me that when a person receives a clip they can email that email address with that code (go to their site to see what I'm talking about) and once that video is unlocked it shows up on

Update: Clip #23 has now been unlocked as well. It appears that it was sent in the mail just like the slashfilm one, but this time it was sent to the website

Update: has received a new clip.

Update: We have joined the ranks of those sites mentioned above. A package was delivered today containing what appears to be clip #79. Check it out here.

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