It looks like the Rocket Poppeteers have touched down in San Diego for the weekend to pay a visit to all of the Comic-Con goers. As many of you have pointed out in the comments, the Rocket Poppeteers website has been updated recently with a link to a twitter page. The first tweet went out 18 hours ago asking if you can find them before they find you, which was then followed up by instructions to bring your Rocket Poppeteers letter to the truck for a special surprise. It also looks like if you go to the truck and sing the theme song you get a t-shirt. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you would also get a t-shirt if you brought your letter from the Rocket Poppeteers. I can't imagine too many people were carrying around their letters so the theme song might be another way to give out the shirts. They are also giving away Super Speedflier Fleet popsicles.

There are also a few pictures posted on the twitpic account of the truck surrounded by people. So if you're out in San Diego right now, let us know if you find the truck and give them your letter. And I suggest following the Twitter account as I'm sure it'll be getting updated a lot more in the future.

Thanks again to those of you that left this info in the comments (Xeno and TheDoctor).

According to gramma over at unfiction this is a round up of what people have gathered from the Truck itself (I'm sure more people contributed to the thread on unfiction, but gramma sums it up nicely so I apologize to those that I'm not citing)

From the Ice Truck we know:

Super Speedflier Fleet:

Original - Lime - Orange

Look for these FOUR additional Fleets in your grocer's Freezer

Coop's Fleet:

Original - Cherry - Lime - Watermelon - Grape - Orange

Brain Fleet:

Cherry - Lime

Twin Teamwork Fleet

Original - Grape - Orange

Sonic Strength Fleet:

Original - Cherry - Lime - Watermelon - Orange

License Plate :


License Plate Holder:

Super Speedflier Fleet - Top Line - Bottom Line

Small grey Rocket on the mirrors