Poster #3 and New Editing Room Clips

super 8 poster

We're getting closer to June 10th and there have been a lot of new clips in the editing room so if you haven't checked them out I suggest you head on over there. There's also a new poster that appeared over at which I've included above.

Only a few more days!!

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Super 8 Japanese Poster

super 8 japanese partner

Despite what some of you are saying in the comments, this poster is not fake, this is an exclusive japanse poster for Super 8. The official Super 8 facebook has reposted the link to the poster over at so that pretty much confirms it. I don't know if most of you are familiar with international posters, especially the japanese style, but there's nothing on here this poster that would lead me to believe it's fake, it may not be the greatest looking poster, but it's not fake.


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If you watch the TV show "Fringe" you may have noticed a little something in last night's episode. Rocket Poppeteers posters made a couple appearances throughout the episode. Like I've said before, this is exactly like Slusho was with "Cloverfield". JJ Abrams throws easter eggs into anything he has his hands in so this was pretty cool.

If you have screenshots post them up! Otherwise check out the :55 second mark in the video above.

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First Official Super 8 Poster Revealed