S8editingroom.com Updates

As many of you have noticed the s8editingroom.com site has been updated with a new clip, "77",  that is about 1-2 seconds long. It shows a familiar face saying "the subject's most likely natural". I can't see anything of interest in the background or anything else within the short clip, but if you find something let us know.

I'm going to continue to update this post whenever there are updates to the s8editingroom.com website. It'll keep everything in one place and cut down on random posts on the site.

Update 3/30/11: Clip #19 has appeared on the site and like the other clips, doesn't offer much in the way of new information. Lt. Col. Martin L. Abraham is talking and he gets cut off as he's saying "the assault on tech..."

Update 4/14/11: Clip #23 has been unlocked today. It features Lt. Col. Martin L. Abraham again finishing up his press conference.

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