Josh is Alive

For those of you concerned for Josh's safety after not hearing from him for awhile, you can rest easy. As of yesterday he has updated his blog letting everyone know that he's ok, but he never received the coelacanth and he's done trying.

Sorry for the silence. Just had some unexpected things come up. In case you were bothered about the coelacanth, I never got and won’t attempt to again.

There is also a new addition to the print out directing Josh back to the chat window at a certain time, which, if I'm correct, would be today at some point.

Same protocol. 5D & 5O's last leg.

We'll see what comes of it, but at least we have something moving this all forward, even if it is nothing major yet.

super 8 alien creature resistance 3 creature grim

Another image has been making its way around movie sites on the web claiming to be part of the viral marketing for Super 8, but like the last one, I'm going to call it as totally unrelated to this movie. io9 and Movie Web are reporting that this image and a related video of a little girl talking about her experience on a movie set, are related to Super 8. The image first appeared on a hunting facebook page and has since blown up. The image shows a strange creature down on all fours running through the woods towards a camera. It was first posted as being completely real in that supposedly a hunter caught the creature on camera as it was racing towards him... Then it was picked up as a part of the Super 8 viral because a "source close to the production" confirmed it... and finally it's now being passed off as part of the viral marketing for Resistance 3, a new Playstation 3 game coming out. Personally I don't really know what to believe, but I'm pretty confident in saying that this is not part of the Super 8 viral campaign, but like anything, I guess you never know. You can find the image above and all the sources below, and you can form your own conclusions.

Movie Sites Running the story: io9, Movie Web
Resistance 3 Viral??
Original Facebook Post

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Now that we know for sure that Hook, Line and Minker is related to all of this I guess it only makes sense that I should post when Josh makes a new post (Thanks Jah for pointing out the new post). This was posted today with a post title of yesterday's date, apparently he has found the COELACANTH!

Ok, it’s gonna be a GREAT Thanksgiving! I know some of you wont believe me, I have finally FOUND A COELACANTH. I know, I know, doubt all you want, I’ll put the photos up to prove it soon enough! One of my guysctually came through, and he promises he can deliver in early December. For all my searching, honestly, never thought I’d really find one. I thought they were just too rare – but it goes to show you what (possibly unhealthy) persistence can get you.

Needless to say, as soon as it arrives, I will keep you all up to date on my progress. Regular updates for sure. Just crazy. Major tank preparations are under way.

And thanks to a certain someone for being so patient through all this. I promise I won’t let it (majorly) interfere with our Thanksgiving plans. I promised a tasty, home cooked meal and I will deliver.

source: Hook, Line and Minker

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new dat files

Over the weekend some new files appeared within the terminal in the STIES (scariest thing I ever saw) website. The .dat files that appeared were printable files that contained what appear to be scans/copies of 4 ID cards from Nellis Air Force Base, which is currently located just outside of downtown Las Vegas, NV. Each of the ID's has the "3 dots" that we've seen and heard about before in association with the Air Force, they appear on all of the military container trucks that are seen in the set photos as well as the metal cylinder that Josh Minker found and mentioned to the mysterious man in the chat conversation. The ID's are 4 males, 2 of them are Researchers and 2 are Technicians, there are no names and the pictures have been worn off but it's pretty easy to tell that they are males. There is also another dat file, EXPCNL.DAT which doesn't appear to do anything, although it is very similar to the previous EXPCNV.DAT which was an audio file, so maybe this new one is also an audio file...

File: RSOA01.DAT (.print RSOA01)



Authorization: "3 Dots"
Identification: 58-ORPH-42
Duty Assignment: Technician
Grade: (--)
Expiration: RW-536-RD

Image: Male ~6'2", African American?, "TROGL"
Image ID: 07-CES-8RB


Rocket Poppeteers Application

rocket poppeteers email

It looks as though some people are starting to receive their applications for the Rocket Poppeteers. Emails have been sent out starting yesterday that allow people to complete a "test" in order to join the Rocket Poppeteers. I have not received this email yet, but some of the readers here were kind enough to send me screenshots of what it looks like. So thanks to Toto and Alex for the screenshots and any other information you have regarding this please let us know in the comments.

Also we have received some more images from around Weirton which I have added to the gallery.

rocket poppeteers email

more pictures after the jump!


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